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Oracle Card Masterclass

During this workshop you will learn -
-How to prepare for a reading by doing spiritual protection and meditation.
-How to clear your cards after each reading.
-How to read your cards intuitively.
-How to recognise common symbols and colours to help you interpret guidance in your cards.
-How to read for yourself and others.
-Q&A with Joanne

Next Date: March 2024

A Guide to the Divine Feminine

During this 6 week online course, you will learn about the importance of balancing your masculine and feminine energy. This can help prevent burnout, and overwhelm and help you manage your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and feel more balanced and empowered in your life.

Next dates: October/November 2024


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Angelic Energy Healing Training

This year-long mentorship consists of three levels of training that take place over the course of one year. Level One takes place online and levels Two and Three are completed over 4 weekends in person,. Completion of all 3 levels plus the required case studies will allow you to work professionally as a fully qualified and insured angelic energy healer.

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Join me on my FREE Abundance Meditation Series and Manifest an abundant life! 

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