About me

Hi, I’m Joanne!

I can’t wait to help you meet your Highest Self.


I have had a profound interest in the angelic realms and all things 'supernatural' since I was a child. This led me to train in Reiki in 2010 for personal development. However, it wasn't until I experienced a particularly challenging time in 2018 that I was drawn to Angel Healing. I became certified as an Angelic Energy Healer in 2019 after completing my training and case studies with Debbie Boyle of Angelic Connections.

Since then I have trained in sound therapy, land clearance, crystal healing, teaching meditation and card reading.

I am committed to providing a safe space for my clients where they can heal and relax. I endeavour to give my clients the tools they need to alleviate their stress and self heal. The treatments I practice are gentle, comforting and enable my clients to experience a sense of inner peace. As an empath, I fully understand what it means to be sensitive to energies in our environments and the effect it can have on our well-being. I strive to help my clients to protect their unique vibration of energy and to live in a space where the energy is cleansed and balanced. My mission is to empower you to release your blocks and limitations and access your true divine potential.

I was very blessed to work as a primary school teacher for 14 years before embarking on the holistic path. I live in Enfield, Co. Meath with my husband, two boys and our golden retriever, Luna.

Energy Healing

Through my healing work, I channel the energies of the  archangels, goddesses, ascended masters and am often aware of my clients' spirit guides. I am very interested in the Divine Feminine energies, the Christ Consciousness and have particularly strong connections with Goddess/Saint Brigid, Mother Mary and Archangels Micheal, Ariel and Gabriel. I always work intuitively and will connect with the energies that are most aligned to you and your spiritual development.

Working with the Moon

Each new and full moon has a different energy depending on the astrological sign it falls in, working with this energy can help transform your life and raise your vibration! I have a deep interest in the power of the moon energies for both healing and manifesting. I have seen first hand the benefits of harnessing this energy in order to align with your highest divine path and manifest your dream life. I believe in the power of intention and guide my clients to step into their own power during my Moon Tribe classes. 

I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good Holistic Therapist.


 Stay In Touch

I send out regular guidance and keep you in the loop with upcoming trainings and special classes. 

I will never share your information. Your details are kept safe.